Activating Omnisci: Failed to parse key

Hi ,
I installed Omnisci On Centos 8 GPU version, and I’m having “License error: Failed to parse key” trying to activate the product at the first login.

I’ve tried three different keys from those sent me in email after the request of a free license key and all of them lead to the same license error.

Any advice?ù

Thank you

@Gianfranco_Campana thank you for downloading OmniSci Free. Did you install using yum or tarball?

Installed with yum Centos GPU version

I followed exactly the steps from here:

Hi @Gianfranco_Campana,

it0s nice to have you (back?) in the community forum.

I reproduced the error >

2021-03-10T19:13:30.746237 E 9245 0 Licensing.cpp:122 Failed to parse key
Can’t start: License failure: Failed to parse key

using an older version of omnisci EE.

when I used the latest release (5.5.3 I think) the error disappeared; can I ask you which version are you using?

Candido :wink:

Hi Candido,
yes, I’m back :slight_smile:
nice to read you again.

I’ve just used: “sudo yum install omnisci” after executed all the steps in the guide with no problem at all.

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@Gianfranco_Campana our apologies for the confusion. We recommend you use the following documentation for deployment and installation of OmniSci Free on Centos:

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Hi Gianfranco,

Nice to have you back in the community forum :slight_smile:

we are sorry, but the repositories with the packaged installs aren’t up to date, so as @Antonio_Cotroneo suggested you should remove your YUM installation and follow the tarball path.

Thanks to both,
do you think a “yum remove Omnisci” will be enough, or other steps are needed?

it should be enough

Anyway I guess you will be satisfied with the new version of omnisci because
with choropleth Backend rendering you won’t have to use tools to simplify the polygons used in the database this time; and, if you are going to do some point in polygons joins, you will ba able to do, but in 5.6 our engineers have cooked some optimizations (around 40x)

I’m already a big fan of Omnisci from the beginning, no doubt I will be satisfied.

I’m only wondering if 700 millions rows will fit into the free version limitations, (32gb gpu + 32 gb cpu), my system has 8 gb gpu+128gb cpu ram.

Therefore I will be able to use only 8gb gpu+32gb cpu ram.

Yeah I remember the Mapd times.

Don’t worry, I will try to guide you to overcome the lack of memory.

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