Announcing OmniSci 5.6 - New immerse features, significant speedups and more!

We’re very happy to announce the release of OmniSci 5.6. It’s our biggest release in a while (certainly this year) and includes a ton of new features, bug fixes and notable performance improvements. For Immerse, We’ve added support for parameters, a new heading/angle orientation for point maps, and much more. On the query engine, we’ve added support for approximate median as an aggregation type, improved our geospatial join performance by anywhere from 10-100x, plus delivered a raft of storage and IO optimizations that should make startup faster and disk space usage more efficient.

Read all about this on our release blog, view the release notes and download and try OmniSci 5.6 free - we will be updating the Mac Preview edition shortly. Also, please stay tuned for some deep dive follow up blogs on how we accelerated our geo joins.

As always, we value your feedback, so please keep it coming!


In this post, I am providing the links to examples of the improvement we did in this release

Recover the space after deletes and automatic recalculation of the columns range of values in a fragment

Performance enhancement of Point on Polygons joins