Any Limit on RAM IN Opensource version of HeavyDB?

After recent changes,

would like to know if installing the Opensource version of HeavyDB only in on-premise hardware.

Will be any RAM or VOLUME Limit applicable ?


waiting for feedback and based on that can decide if i can use for internal purpose ?

Hi @Sumit ,

I don’t think that anything has changed, so no limits on CPU or GPU caches or numbers of them.

We are having some trouble deploying the latest version of our software but in the EULA isn’t going to change,

Best regards,

p.s. I’m sorry for the late reply.

Hi @candido.dessanti,

again i am getting confused when i am seeing the HeavyDB website for the definition of HeavyDB

Up to 32GB of RAM

What are the memory limits for HEAVY.AI Free?
HEAVY.AI Free supports up to 32 GB of GPU memory and up to 32 GB of CPU memory. Need more?

Not sure, i am use the HeavyDB community with higher RAM or not ?

Hi @Sumit,

You are right it’s a little confusing because looks like the OS version (we haven’t had a community for a long time) is missing.

The difference between OS and Free is that OS hasn’t the Backend renderer and it comes without Heavy Immerse and a ton of other features like using the s3 buckets as an external source directly; but the OS version hasn’t any memory or number of sessions cap, while the Free has 32/32GB CPU/GPU and 3 session max.

Anyway, I’ll talk about how is organized the product page internally.

In the meantime, you can use the OS edition without any hassle; It’s open-source and freely available thru GitHub