Anyone able to install Jupyterhub on Ubuntu?

I am adding Jupyter to an Existing OmniSciDB Instance on Ubuntu following this steps, with no lucky:

I would like compare my environment with someone who successfully got Jupyter working in Ubuntu docker/Immerse


What do you want to achieve? The second part of that guide, helps you to move an existing omnisci installation to a containerized installation without the need to migrate data.


I’m still stuck as described here:

and I’m trying to collect some more statistics about other working systems: maybe they are on a different build of Ubuntu or have some other differences from the mine.


I was able to install without any special issue on Ubuntu 20.04, doing an installation from scratch, so without any conversion of database or stuff like that.

Well my OS installation is a clean one, and it’s not a result of a release upgrade, while I don’t think it would be a problem