Apache Superset and SQL Alchemy usage with OmnisciDB

Hi to all,

This post is a quick guide about installing the SQL Alchemy dialect developed by the community to use the HeavyAI database as a Datasource of Apache Superset Tool.

All you need to install in your python environment (venv or Conda) is the dialect package that, starting with the 6.0 version, is called sqlalchemy-heavyai.

so install it with pip (the conda version will take some other days) in the usual way

pip install sqlalchemy-heavyai

The sqlalchemy dialect and the python driver will install in your environment.

(base) mapd@zion-tr:~$ pip install sqlalchemy-heavyai 
Collecting sqlalchemy-heavyai
  Using cached sqlalchemy_heavyai-1.0-py3-none-any.whl (12 kB)
Collecting pyheavydb>=6.0.0
  Using cached pyheavydb-6.0.0.post2-py3-none-any.whl (97 kB)
Installing collected packages: pyheavydb, sqlalchemy-heavyai
Successfully installed pyheavydb-6.0.0.post2 sqlalchemy-heavyai-1.0.

Now you have just to get this file omnisci.txt (2,0 KB) , rename into heabydb.py, then place inside your superset installation under the db_engine_specs folder

Then restart the superset service.

to add a heavyai database, go in the under the tab Sources, select Database
and add a new database with type other and configure the URL to connect following the example


after that, test the connection; you should get a popup in the right corner of the screen

Now you can query your database with the sql_lab tool ad create your charts.

for this example, you need a Mapbox key to add to Superset configuration

We tested the Dialect + Drivers against 1.2 and 1.4 versions of Apache Superset.

For suggestions on how to improve the support or to raise issues use this thread or [GitHub](https://github.com/heavyai/sqlalchemy-heavyai)


how to connect Immerse Dashboards directly to sqllite using SQL Alchemy (any way) without using heavydb


you can use our SqlAlchemy driver to connect with other FronteEnd Tools to our Database, not the opposite. Iā€™m sorry