Backend Rendering with Open Source Edition

Is there any way to do backend rendering without the Open Source Edition of OmnisciDB? Or, is there any way of to use charts like point maps without backend rendering?

According to this github issue the Community Edition made backend rendering possible possible but now that that is depreciated, there really doesn’t seem to be an option for this.

There seemed to be plans for a binary to enable this functionality on the Open Source Edition. Is this something that is still available?

Hi @Dominic,

as the time of writing, the OS Edition of Omnisci Database doesn’t support backend rendering, so Point and Linestring Maps and Choropleth Maps aren’t available, while in the past the Community Edition supported the back-end rendering.

The plug-in @andrew was talking about in mid-2017 has never been released.

The options you have to try back-end rendering are:

  1. using public servers like
  2. asking for a temporary key to install Enterprise Edition here
  3. omnisci cloud here (I’m not sure if you will have programmatic access with the base plan of cloud).

If in the future a new edition with back-end rendering will pop-up I’ll notify to you ASAP

Hi @Dominic,

from today you can get a free licence to run (with the limit of 32gb of RAM) on full fleged Omnisci EE edition, that will come with Backned-rendering and Immerse

the licence is perpetual and can be asked here


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Hi @candido.dessanti,

Are there anyways to get around the 32 Gb ram limitation running OmniSci Free on our own infrastructure?


Hi Dominic,

The free edition is limited to 32GB and the limit cannot be bypassed; to use more memory, you should ask for a temporary enterprise license, but it lasts for a month only.

you can ask filling the form here