Can omnisci be used as a message queue

Recently, we want to use omnisci to replace message queue. Is this feasible?

I’m not sure what you want to achieve.

OmniSci is essentially an analytic database, written to leverage the power of GPUs and CPUs on filtered and aggregated queries.

It doesn’t shine at all on transactions (we haven’t exactly the concept of the transaction) and projecting a large number of records. Also the DMLs like update and delete are optimized as a batch command.

Said that…could you share more details about your goals?

We hope to use omnisci to implement similar functions of MQ. We hope to put message queue into omnisci to relieve memory pressure

so you are planning to do a lot of insert, updates, and delete on an omnisci table?

If you are planning to use a regular table, all DMLs will go to disk (but likely on fs cache); if you don’t mind losing data when DB is stopped (or in case of failure), you can use temporary tables, that are built-in memory