Case-insensitive string comparisons

Is there a way to do case-insensitive string comparisons? I don’t see a lower() function.

For example, the following returns no rows, but I would like to see the two rows with United Kingdom, even though I query for ‘united kingdom’.

from omnisci_countries
where sovereignt = 'united kingdom'

Hoping to do something like this:

from omnisci_countries
where lower(sovereignt) = 'united kingdom'

This seems work:

    select *
    from omnisci_countries 
    where sovereignt ILIKE 'united kingdom'

Any plans to support the upper() and lower() functions?

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Hi @Larry_Parker,

I was just suggesting to use the ilike statement to solve your problem.

We started to think about string manipulation on the database, but it’s in a very preliminary stage so the performances are quite bad and just the lower function is supported (I guess upper would be easy to implement) and you have to explicitly turn-on setting the enable-experimental-string-functions parameter to true.

But being experimental is slow and you can get issues using it