Convert TIMESTAMP to timezone


Is there a way to convert the given timestamp to a specific timezone?

For example, I have

CREATE TABLE weather_data
    pt GEOMETRY(POINT,4326),
    some_feature FLOAT

Now I want to eg.

SELECT pt, dt, toTimezone(dt, tzid) as local_dt
FROM weather_data 
LEFT OUTER JOIN timezone_geoms ON ST_INTERSECTS( geom, pt )

Is it possible? I can’t find any timezone cast function.

We are sorry but at the time of writing we haven’t any data type that can store a timezone. Every fate/timestamp in the database is assumed to be as a UTC

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Okay, I see. But in my case, the function that converts timestamp to a given timezone will be sufficient but I guess there is also no such thing.
Thats a pity cuz Omni is so awesome but in my case, it is a must-have.


Nope we haven’t such database internal functions, I will look if it’s viable using UDF, but I guess is quite complicated to do because adding or subtracting a couple of hours according to the TZ isn’t enough, but you should know is DST is in effect on that TZ