COPY jekyll_points.csv table schema

Hi everybody
I was going though the article Taming the LIDAR Beast with MapD I face problem in copying the jekyll-data to the omnisci db. Could you help me to create the table schema for the following csv file
and load them to the omnisci
or if there anther way to load csv data dynamicly to omnisci…

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Hi @Fi_fi,

10x for joining our forums.

I haven’t such files, so I cannot assist you in creating tables compatible with such files, but if you can post examples with a bunch of lines from such files, I could assist you in the process.

Copying data to omniscidb is quite simple and you can use the COPY command, but generally you have to upload the files into the server.

What are you using to access to the DB? a third party tools like dbEaver, omnisql or the SQL editor of immerse?