Database Start Issue

Today Database restarted automatically and now after restarting not able to execute any query.

Checked and observed that in database lots of 16MB Chunks are available. Total 16MB X 20,000
(This issue now known to me and planning to do every night CTAS to avoid such scenario).

However, wondering that Total Disk Utilization is approx 400GB, but system is IOSTAT is showing last 3 hours 3000 tps (100 MB/sec).

infolog is not showing any useful information.

Now i am clueless when system will be available.

Please let us know if any option is available to restart Database and first do CTAS to avoid such dead lock condition.

Hi @Sumit,

Unfortunately without an info log snippet there is little I am able to do to help. Can you post a snippet of the info logs showing what step the server is stuck on?

Hi @anon45925161

I think i understood root cause for this problem. This happened as many small database chunks was available for few Tables.

However still few questions remains

  1. No Information available in Info Log to get to know how much time remaining.
  2. System IO TPS was more than 3000 and system was continuously reading 200 MBPS for more than 3-4 hours. when 400GB total Disk Utilization, so i don’t know how this logic works inside database.
  3. For such scenario when system has lots of small file chunks. what option is available for administrator to bring back service quickly other than waiting for 4 hours. During this 4 hours as administrator i was feeling helpless.