DBSeeder Version 3.0.1

We are pleased to release version 3.0.1 of DBSeeder. The most important enhancement is the possibility to deactivate the constraints of the type FOREIGN, PRIMARY and UNIQUE KEY before the DML statements and to activate them again afterwards. The JDBC DatabaseMetaData class is used for this purpose.

Unfortunately, the new constraint functionality is not available at OmnisciDB - see here - there is no support of FOREIGN, PRIMARY and UNIQUE KEY constraints in OmnisciDB.

HI @walter,

Thanks for your continued efforts in supporting OmnisciDB on DBSeeder.
I recently tried out DBSeedeer on my Notebook, and I noticed quite a big difference between the load time of data locally and the table with Performances published on Github.

Anyway don’t worry, when we will have an implementation of those constraints on our database we will reach you.


Hi Candido

Out of curiosity - what were your numbers and what hardware/software do you use?

Here you will find a few explanations of my figures: https://github.com/KonnexionsGmbH/db_seeder/blob/wwe_3.0.2/Release-Notes.md.

Thanks and best regards