Distributed cluster deployment in EKS

I found an article about GKE deployment with a single node. How to deploy a distributed cluster in EKS?

The process should be similar, but if you mean a cluster with all nodes, I am not sure if you can deploy a cluster with Open source edition, because you are missing clustering components and without the license you can’t activate the feature. Probably you would get just a sort of high availability deploying as an EKS.

Could you share with use what’s your needs? Ha or performance scaling?




Thanks for the response. We are using the Enterprise version, so I will have a call with your team in the coming days, but I thought to ask in the community forum.

We are at a very early stage of the development but would like to know how to deploy https://docs.omnisci.com/installation-and-configuration/distributed in EKS. If someone has already done an aggregator resiliency setup with leaf node resiliency, we can get a head start. It is doable, Correct? Can we get a sample YAML?



You are using the community forum as an accelerator…smart move :wink:

I think you will get better support in the call by my colleagues rather than any help I can provide here about this topic (I stink on cloud matters).

Thought worth asking in community forum incase anyone already came across similar scenarios and have answers. Thanks!