Distributed Cluster Question

Is distributed cluster available to Open source ? If it’s available, is there any tutorial for distributed cluster implementation?

Hi @Youan_Lu,

The open-source edition of omnisci database is limited to 1 server only so no cluster configuration is available, and it’s lacking other cool features like Immerse, ldap integration, odbc driver and so on.

You can ask for a enterprise trial edition, while I can’t assure you that distributed configurations
will be allowed following this link

You can get docs about concepts and setup of distributed configurations here

So does any edition allow multiple “nodes” on the same machine with many cores?

Nope, the OS edition allow just one node, with an unlimited number of cpu cores and gpus, while the EE edition allow you to use multiple nodes.

With nodes I mean, different servers or cloud instances.

To get an idea what’s missing in the OS version just take a look to this table