Docker and Data

Docker creates a container, I create a table and a dashboard. When I delete a container and create a new one with the same port, I don’t see the table and dashboard. How to reconnect

Hi @Ivan1981,

the database, catalogs, and so on are located in the host filesystem that’s outside docker image, so if you drop a container and you create a new one you have the same data (tables, dashboards, users, and whatever) you had in the previously created container.

Can you share the docker parameter you are using to run heavyai?

For an example this one

-v /var/lib/heavyai:/var/lib/heavyai

is using the /var/lib/heavyai in the localhost as storage for the data, so if drop and re-create the container the data will be there.

sudo docker run -d --gpus=all \
-v /var/lib/heavyai:/var/lib/heavyai \
-p 6273-6278:6273-6278 \

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Hello! I do everything according to the instructions.

The first container that is started actually stores data in the source directory, such as the “test” database. After deleting the container and starting a new one, there is no connection to the source directory, the “test” database is missing


if you are following the instruction on our site your data should be stored into


If you create a new database named test and using it a table called test you should have in the data directory a directory containing the table named /var/lib/heavyai/storage/data/table_3_1

If everything is correctly configured, after the restart of the container (or a drop and a re-create of the container with a different version for that matter) the directory should be there.

If not is because everything has been written inside the container, so by destroying it the data will be lost, but this can happens just in the case that the bind volume mount is failing for some reason.

To be sure that everything is ok, check the presence of files in the host filesystem.

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