Docker Image Open Source Edition

I am working on the project DBSeeder ( DBSeeder allows the flexible generation of dummy data for different RDBMS. In the next version I also want to include OmniSciDB. For this I use the Docker image “OmniSci Open Source Edition 5.0”. In the process, I noticed two points:

  1. It would be desirable if the underlying database version of the Docker image would be visible - similar to how this is handled by others, e.g. with MariaDB (

  2. The links in the setup instructions are very unspecific.

Hi @walter,

Thanks for your precious suggestions.

We are constantly striving to improve the quality of documentation so that users find using our products as easy as possible, but our releases are frequents and our resources are finite, so giving instructions on multiple websites could lead to out dated information.

About you 2nd point; do you mean that you are unsatisfied of this?

How do you think we could improve?

Thanks in advance,

Both links are pointing to


my mistake, I didn’t check the install instruction on the site.

I think all the links are outdated and everything is redirected to the root page of documentation.

Thanks for showing us the error; we will correct ASAP