Download/Export option as a CSV from Table limits record to 50

Hi product team,

Hope things are fine at your end!

I’m trying to export data from a table in OmniSci DB. I wish to download the records after applying few filter. The current set up to export data from the table only allows to download 50 records-

  1. Is there any way to download all the filtered records from a table?
  2. If not from a table, what’s the approach to download the records that show up in a DB after applying filters/parameters?

Hi @Shyam ,

At the time of writing, the only way to export the data using current filters in Immerse is thru the “Download CSV” in the kebab menu of data viz, like the Table Map and there isn’t a limit of 50 records.

The exported records are the ones present in the chart, so because the table chart displays just the first 50 records, it seems that there is a limit like that, but if you scroll down the chart, other records will be in the charts so more records will be in the resulting CSV.

The FE team is working on a more consistent and powerful way to export data, but the release has been postponed because of some inconsistencies in the CSV, so it will take more time than expected.

The only way to export a massive number of columns/records is using the copy command, but the resulting file will be written into the server and you have to write your query, including the filters thru the SQL Editor

When a proper Export function will be available in omnisci, I will reach you here.

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Hi Candido,

Happy New Year - Just following up on the above feature for Export option as CSV table to 50 records as of now. Do we’ve a powerful way to export all the records now?


The exported rows are the ones visualized, and by default, the first 50 rows are sent to the client.

Lately, we accomplished an export that used a different method, but for problems of data format, the feature hasn’t been included on master.

Anyway I will keep you informed we will fix this.


Thanks Candido - Look forward to this solution at the earliest as it would be quite a powerful feature to have!

Hi @Shyam,

We have just released the 5.10 version of the Omnisci suite that’s enhancing the table exports rising the limit of exported data to 1 million rows.

I hope you will enjoy that feature and I’m looking for feedback from you.

The feature is described here


Thank you so much Candido - the feature’s working perfectly fine! Sorry I couldn’t reply earlier - feedback is positive on this feature.

I am delighted you appreciated that feature, which took so much time to land on immerse.

Thanks for your feedback, the front-end team will enjoy for sure.

Best regards,