Explanation of Info Log

2020-03-06T15:42:06.778172 I 115318 MapDHandler.cpp:496 stdlog disconnect 5663 0 TEST_MAPD_DB TEST_MAPD 206-pVIM {“client”} {“tcp:localhost:43334”}
2020-03-06T15:42:07.254647 I 115318 MapDHandler.cpp:491 User TEST_MAPD connected to database TEST_MAPD_DB with public_session_id 207-DjeC
2020-03-06T15:42:07.254708 I 115318 MapDHandler.cpp:432 stdlog connect 5664 283 TEST_MAPD_DB TEST_MAPD 207-DjeC {“client”,“roles”} {“tcp:localhost:43340”,""}
2020-03-06T15:42:07.255139 I 115318 MapDHandler.cpp:1813 stdlog get_table_details 5665 0 TEST_MAPD_DB TEST_MAPD 207-DjeC {“table_name”,“client”} {“TEST_NOTI_EVR”,“tcp:localhost:43340”}
2020-03-06T15:42:07.255683 I 115318 MapDHandler.cpp:502 User TEST_MAPD disconnected from database TEST_MAPD_DB

What the above CDR’s are conveying as can see continuous.

The info log does just that, provides information about the running session. Most of these messages can be safely ignored, but when you start having issues, the info log can start to give you information about where you should look.

For example, in your snippet above, this is letting you know that you can actually connect to the database, and that you are able to get the details for a table. An alternative scenario might be that your port isn’t open to connections; as you tried to get a response from OmniSci but it seemed to hang, you can validate whether anything is happening during your current connection try by seeing if anything is printed to this log.

Hi @randyzwitch

Checked the completed enclosed INFO log. Still i am facing lot issue and not working.

Is this part of the same issue as How to downgrade the version? If so, please only create one thread so we can keep the discussion in a single place.