Exporting specific maps / charts from immerse to external portal

Hi Heavy.AI Team,

We have multiple dashboards built in-house consumed by different departments or business units. One business unit doesn’t have the access to other Business unit dash board and on the same dashboard charts/ maps from different BI tool are published.

Is there any possible way by which we can populate charts/graphs/map and present on custom build dash-boarding application directly using render and heavyDB.

Hi @Vidur_Mittal,

I’m not sure if you are asking for an API (javascript?) to run queries and generated maps with the renderer, needed to move your actual custom-built dashboards using HeavyDB (EE is needed to use without limitation on sessions)?

take a look at the javascript connector at this link

the renderer is accessible using vega calls. we have some docs about it but at the moment we are experiencing some issues so I cannot, link them directly.

Let me know if I correctly understood your question, if not, feel free to ask .

If you prefer I can arrange a call with someone internal, but I need to get what you need precisely.


Hi Candido,

Yes, we were looking for a similar kind of arrangement wherein we can directly publish maps/graphs/charts on the custom dashboard of the customer.

I would be rather happy to connect on call with the team. Also we are doing this on EE of heavy.ai.

I have marked my official mail id and other relevant stakeholders feel free to extend the invite for early morning or late evening on Thursday or Friday.