Failure opening data source using ODBC


ERROR [08001] [OmniSci][OmniSci] (1010) [C:\Users\Jenkins\workspace\mapd-odbc-win\ODBC\Core\MapDPersistentClient.cpp:127]Error occurred while trying to connect: The server’s certificate may not be installed. Thrift error = [SSL_get_verify_result(), unable to get local issuer certificate]

This error occurs when opening the connection, did I miss something?


Just from the error message, it suggests to me that your OmniSci instance isn’t running SSL. How did you install OmniSci (Docker, tarball, etc.). Also, what language is that (C#?), so that I can try and find someone internally who might be able to help.


Hi Randy

ODBC installer tool :OmniSciInstall_5.
Client: Windows10
1)Click installer.exe to install.
2)default C:\Program Files\OmniSci\ODBC.
3)Open ODBC data sources (64 bit).

Thank you,

Have you tried to connect using binary or http protocol?

Only HTTPS can connect:


Actually not responding



Hi - can you confirm which protocol your back end server is running? Scanning through your reports it looks like the only protocol you can connect is https

Yes, my back end server also uses HTTPS protocol.
I can use the code in the picture to connect successfully in another windows

We can successfully connect omnisci using win10, but windows2016 cannot connect.

Hey, Looking back through your messages I think you have a https port and and a binary encrypted port open on the server; which makes it unlikely that the non encrypted ports are open - the server normally works in either encrypted or non-encrypted mode, so I would expect http and binary to not work.

The https connections seems to be working. The binary encrypted mode error implies the client is starting to form a connection which is then failing. I hope to check the nature of the error message tomorrow

We now use http connection and can succeed.


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Have you reconfigured the server to allow unencrypted binary and http connections?

Yes, we have reconfigured the server to allow http connections.