Getting DBHandler.cpp:751 Too many active sessions

I am getting DBHandler.cpp:751 Too many active sessions error while making connection from kafka continuously. when i see connection using netstat command i am can se only 60-70 connection at max.

Second error i am getting is either tables does not exist or pdb is corrupt. I have checked table is present and and i describe table I am able to see column details.

Please suggeste

Hi @Vidur_Mittal,

You can check the session running into the database with the
show user session command run from omnisql, or other tools like dbeaver, squirrelsql.

You can try to set the idle-session-duration that default to 60 minutes lowering to a lower value like 5 minutes if it’s possible that there are session that hasn’t disconnected and are doing anything.

About the second error, I don’t understand what is return that error. A program of your or ouR kafkaimporter?


Hi @Vidur_Mittal,

just another question; are you using the Free Edition of Omnisci Database? The Free Edition is restricted to just 3 active sessions, so if you are using that one, it’s likely you are hitting that limit.


Yeah, I am using that only, I am preparing F1 test demo. Can you help me with the alternative so that I can successfully run test case.


the Free Edition is limited to 3 sessions, so it’s likely you are getting that error if you run multiple Kafka streams against the database, while querying it.

to get the F1 test demo running (I guess it’s the one of @randyzwitch), I think you are thinking to use Immerse to visualize data from the database, so you would ask for a temporary Enterprise license following this link
after you get the new licence, you should rename the file where the license is old (omnisci.licence) that’s located into the omnisci’s data dir (default is /var/lib/omnisci/data/), restart the server and, enter the new licence when prompted from Immerse,

If you aren’t going to use Immerse or features like BE Rendering, you could use the OS edition of the software, but you would remove the actual installation before installing the Open Source Edition. The installation process if similar to the one you used for the Free Edition, and you can get the step from here.

Or you can use just 1 Kakfa stream querying the database with another session and setting the idle-session-duration to 1 to be sure that that idle session are close ASAP, but I ì’m not sure it’s possible to run the full F1 Demo.

Hopes this helps,