How to insert data with Apache Arrow format into OmnisciDB

Hello everyone, I am trying to insert some data with C++ apache arrow format into OmnisciDB. I had look into the document, and try the thrift interface. Still dont know how to use the APIs correctly.
Can someone provide a simple example of inserting data with C++ apache arrow format?
Any help is appreciated.

Hi @commit

thanks for joining our forum; unlucly my C++ isn’t good enough to build an example, but I guess it’s not so hard to connect and load data into omnisci database using the thrifht interface

just look on to get an idea how to connect and load data row wise (it’s using the load_table thrifth call); to use arrow you should use load_table_binary_arrow.

the thrifht call
void load_table_binary_arrow(1: TSessionId session, 2: string table_name, 3: binary arrow_stream) throws (1: TOmniSciException e)

check this file as reference for thrifth call used by omnisci db