How to reset omnisci user password

How to reset the “omnisci”. i forget the password, however have OS root access.

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I guess you want to reset the admin password of a 5.xx Omnisci database instance; remember that the default one is HyperInteractive, but if you are asking, I guess you changed it.

I’m not sure this is the most canonical way, but it worked for me.

stop the database service, then

> cd /var/lib/omnisci/data/mapd_catalog
> cp omnisci_system_catalog omnisci_system_catalog.backup
> sqlite3 omnisci_system_catalog 
> update mapd_users set passwd_hash='$2a$12$Pbmob/9UadazhuFHl7JUvu.UvykqqlwfZJfCG/.ysGNUfl4qsvCVa' where userid=0;
> .exit

After this, just login into the system using password as a password and alter it to change the password.

mapd@zion16:/var/lib/omnisci/data/mapd_catalogs$ /opt/mapd/omnisci-os-5.4.1-20200928-3d17eec6c1-Linux-x86_64/bin/omnisql -p password
User admin connected to database omnisci
omnisql> alter user admin (password = 'your_new_password');

if you haven’t installed the sqlite3 command, you can install with apt or rpm; on Ubuntu, you have to run this command

sudo apt install sqlite3.

Have fun with omnisci db :wink:

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