How to solve MapDExample.cs error

Debugging MapDExample.cs will cause the following errors on MapD.cs


public TQueryResult recv_sql_execute()
TMessage msg = iprot_.ReadMessageBegin();
if (msg.Type == TMessageType.Exception) {
TApplicationException x = TApplicationException.Read(iprot_);
throw x;
sql_execute_result result = new sql_execute_result();
if (result.__isset.success) {
return result.Success;
if (result.__isset.e) {
throw result.E; /* => error occurred (message-> TOmniSciException: Exception in format ‘‘TOmniSciException’ was Throwed’) */
throw new TApplicationException(TApplicationException.ExceptionType.MissingResult, “sql_execute failed: unknown result”);

I have added the package that entered apache thrift0.10.0 in nuget and converted the .thrift related packages in omniscidb-4.6.1 to csharp.
How can I solve this problem?