How to timeout any Query after x Seconds

As OmniSci executes the query in Sequential manner. Please let us know Configuration parameter name which we can configure to timeout any query after x seconds. This will help us to reduce the impact.

Please let us know if we need to do any consideration.

This is currently not supported, though we are actively working on a query interrupt feature that we expect to debut within the next few weeks. The problem with any interrupt or timeout is the device kernel has to check to see if it has been interrupted periodically, and this can degrade performance if not done carefully.


In the meanwhile you can try to use the dynamic watchdog feature, that should stop all your query on a configurable amount of time.

the configuration parameters are:
dynamic-watchdog-time-limit that’s the time in milliseconds the query is allowed to run before be stopped; the default is 10000ms and
enable-dynamic-watchdog that has to be set to true to activate the feature

you can get more Infos about configurable parameters here

Right, the dynamic watchdog feature uses the same tech that the interrupt uses. The reason we have not turned it on is you will see a 10-20% performance penalty with dynamic watchdog running. With some tuning you can get drop the penalty, but we have not been able to sufficiently reduce performance degradation across a large number of disparate workloads, so we are looking at other options.

Hi @anon45925161,

I think @Sumit is using the core server in CPU mode only, so maybe the impact in performance isn’t so big as in GPU mode


in the latest release that’s avaiable for download we added the option to stop a long running query. while it isn’t enabled by default you can enable and tune it with those newly introduced parameters

  --enable-runtime-query-interrupt [=arg(=1)] (=0)
                                        Enable runtime query interrupt.
  --runtime-query-interrupt-frequency [=arg(=1000)] (=1000)
                                        A frequency of checking the request of
                                        runtime query interrupt from user (in

you can stop the query pressing control+c in omnisql or using the cancel method on jdbc driver.

I posted here because you asked for this feature in the past :wink: