How to use heavysql to connect to HeavyDB remotely?


Sorry if this question was asked before.

How do I install an heavysql client to connect with the HeavyDB server in another machine?

I could only think that installing the HeavyDB to have the heavysql but don’t know how to install only the heavysql.


Hi @kimgiftww,

This question surprisingly hasn’t never been asked.

All out executables use static linked libraries duting the build so it’s safe to assume that you just need to move the omnisql/heavysql executable in the remote system to connct to the remote database.

You have justo to be sure to use the -s (server) swich with the address of the remote host where database live in.

So if the remote (or aggregator in case of cluster) is installed on an host with IP of just type

haeavysql -s

To connext to your remote server.