How to use KafkaImporter transform option

Using omniSci KafkaImporter to load Kafka Topic data [String with comma separated] to omniSci Table.
How to use transform option in KafkaImporter

  1. To insert -1 for parameters which are missing in Topic data record.
  2. Combine 2 values of topic data record[Date and Time ] and insert a TIMESTAMP column of table.

Hi @zachariam,

The transformation option of KafkaImporter works like the one of StreamImporter so that you can apply a regular expression to one or more fields, and it can’t add or remove columns.

The transformation format is like this
Transformation format: <column name>:s/<regex pattern>/<fmt string>/
and you can specify transformations for more than one column using commas as delimiters, for example, using -t f1:"s/2002/02/", f2:"s/17/12/"
will transform the fields called f1 and f2, and the output of the transformation would be

transform f1: s/2002/02/
transform f2: s/17/12/

You can use the transformations you want using a syntax compatible with regex_replace of boost.

If you want to combine or remove fields using only the HeavyAI’s Kafkaimporter, you must transform the data after the load.

I can create a Jira to track this new feature request.


can you give regular expression to replace NULL or empty data to replace with -1. i tried s//-1 , but not working

Hi Candido,

Thank you for sharing transform format details of Kafka Importer. Can u please suggest how to achieve if value itself is not present in topic data to use reg expression and replace.

We have a set of Events data
EVENT 1 (Topic1) : Param1, Param2,Param3,Params4
EVENT 2 (Topic2) : Param1,Param5

Table EVENT_TAB to load each event data in real time .

so in case of
EVENT1 : Param5 should be inserted as -1 in EVENT_TAB and rest values same as that of data published.
ex: insert into EVENT_TAB(Param1,param2,param3,param4,-1)

EVENT2: Details which are not present should be filled with -1.
insert into EVENT_TAB(Param1,-1,-1,-1,Param5) .

Looking forward to your valuable suggestions.

regular expression of multiple field not working, i given 2 replace but only first one is working.
–transform NAME:“s/zacharia/mathew/”, MARK:“s/20/12” , i given like this in KafkaImporter and send kafka data as “zacharia,20” , but in table only NAME column value replaced, MARK column value not changed.

select * from EMP;


Hi @zachariam ,

The teansformation for each field would end with a slash character to work.
Thats the reason why mark hasn’t been changed.

I tried to replace a non existent value ith something elae rhia afternoon bu it hasn’t worked.
I had to use a space to replace an arbitray value with the expression s/ /-1/
Using s//-1 hasn’t worked. I guess that I should go more in deep the syntax of regex_replace syntax

i tried --transform NAME:“s/zacharia/mathew/”,MARK:“s/20/12/” , but not working,

select * from EMP;


can u please test and verify it, please confirm for your test case is it working or not, i don’t know why it is not working for me.


Ah, I’m sorry but it’s needed also a space between the two transformations so
NAME:“s/zacharia/mathew/”, MARK:“s/20/12/” it’s also working using just 1 space without the comma
NAME:“s/zacharia/mathew/” MARK:“s/20/12/”

I have to double-check the source of the commands and extend our docs for StramInserver and KafkaImporter, because they obliviously lack some pieces of information.

Thanks for pointing me out to this.


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