How to view tables and details using tool

How to see the omnisql tables and see the values. like we are using TOAD for oracle. like TOAD any graphical tool is available see the table details?

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If you are using the OS version of the database, you can explore schemas using 3rd party software in conjunction with our connectors (mainly the jdbc connector).

In my opinion, the best one is DBEaver, but SquirrelSQL and SQLWirkbench/J are usable too.

you can read how to use DBEaver in this blog

The integration is far from perfect, but I explored ways to get better integration with this tool in my spare time.

You can also use tools like ReDash and SuperSet (I wrote the query runner and a rudimentary SqlAlchemy’s dialect using our pymapd connector).

With the Enterprise Edition, you can have a list of tables, columns, and other statistics using our server side’s low latency DV Tools Immerse. I think it’s worth a try

you can ask for a 30 Days license here

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