Ibis altair implementation with omniscidb


I am looking for some documentation or guide on ibis and altair implementation.

I have omniscidb running as an instance and i want to access the data and build visualizations using altair. I found altair documentation but not altair and ibis.

Does any one know where i can find that ?


Hi Dipanwita,

We are still working on embedding these details in our own docs, but in the meantime, these notebooks can help you get started on how we use Altair + Ibis + OmniSci together

You can also watch these 2 talks we had at our virtual summit in May

and finally, ibis docs themselves, are here


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Hi Venkat,

Sorry for the delayed reply.

I think I have seen this videos before, but thank you for sharing them with me again. Also, was wondering if SQL editor thing is implemented from jupyter lab yet (omniscidb connection nor mpad connection).