Import Raster data in Omnisci

I am trying to import & display Raster data like Image, Shaded Relief, DEM and DTED in Omnisci immerse. Could anyone tell me the method to import raster data in Omnisci DB and then display Omnisci Immerse. It is been told that 5. 10 support raster data but I am facing some challenge during import.
Dr. Devanand Dangwal

Hi @Devanand,

Have you seen the section of the docs regarding the import of raster data?

I imported the files using the COPY command. From omnisql or SQL editor, you have to upload the files into the server (preferably on mapd_import directory that’s allowed by default to be read from the server.

A brief example about loading and visualizing a small TIF file of just 131M points/pixels

I downloaded a not-so-big TIF file representing a shaded relief of the entire planet.

decompressed the archive and moved into the server, then I used the copy command of omnisql (you can also use from SQL Editor of immersing)

omnisql> copy test_tif from '/opt/mapd_storage/data48/mapd_import/PRIMSA_SR_50M.tif' with(source_type='raster_file');
Creating table 'test_tif' and importing geo...
One row returned.
Execution time: 3 ms, Total time: 3751 ms
omnisql> \d test_tif
CREATE TABLE test_tif (
  raster_lon DOUBLE,
  raster_lat DOUBLE,
  band1 SMALLINT);

For the visualization, I used a geo Heatmap in Immerse.

I hope these pieces of information will be helpful for you.

AFAIK in the next release, the process will be slicker, and probably it will be entirely managed from Immerse, but I am not sure of that.

Best Regards,