Hello! Why do I see such a restriction when saving the dashboard. How to cancel it?: “Write requests/queries are not allowed in the information_schema database.”

Hi Ivan,

None can’t change it because the information schema is intended to be a read-only schema.

the tables you are seeing there are runtime generated, so they can’t be changed.

What’s your needing on the inforamtion_schemas that are blocked by our policy?


Hello, in the inforamtion_schemas schemes that are blocked by your policy, I want to make a number of settings for myself, add a few new diagrams, move the diagrams to 1 page. I’m not against locking tables, but locking dashboards is a big inconvenience and shows distrust of the administrator’s actions. Can I get a way to change admin rights to save the dashboards I need?

At 6.2 logs part will go to GA, but also you’ll be able to see across databases in Immerse. So this means you will be able to create customized dashboards for your system performance monitoring. For example separating out usage stats by role.

So sorry to take 9 months to chime in here, but we are always listening and trying to improve the product. Keep those suggestions coming!

Mike Flaxman - Product Manager


it’s obvious that we aren’t ready yet to give access to the information_schema from others.

I’ll investigate if it’s possible to relax such a limitation, that’s hardcoded into the database code (I know this for sure because I had to change it while implementing the alter session statement).

Could you give me a context about @Mike_Flaxman statement your reported?


thanks, I hope dashboard editing will be available. Looking forward to this news