Jupyterlab on AWS

Using the prebuilt AMI on AWS, it doesn’t appear that the jupyterlab-omnisci is present in the jupyterlab environment. Is this intentional?

Hi @TerryLines,

Are you using our supplied AMI? Assuming you are logged in with admin, the Jupyterlab Icon should show-up because you should be in the group that can access jupyterlab.
Have I misinterpreted the question? It’s likely :wink:


Hi @candido.dessanti , I’m meant that when in jupyterlab

import jupyterlab_omnisci

can’t find the module. I was attempting to follow through one of the example notebooks that referenced it.

Hi @TerryLines ,

I’m sorry to have misinterpreted your question; I reproduced the issue, and something goes wrong when the container for the new session is built.
For whatever reason, the package jupyterlab_omnisci it’s not in the python libraries, so the error.
I installed the package in the newly created container, but it’s really an annoying task.

running the docker ps command, you can identify the container created

[centos@ip-172-31-17-158 ~]$ sudo docker ps | grep jupyterlab
CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                                 COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS             PORTS                                                                                            NAMES
de713f861448   omnisci/omnisci-jupyterlab-cpu:v0.4   "/omnisci/bin/docker…"   About an hour ago   Up About an hour   8888/TCP  jupyterlab-admin
74f527c772b8   omnisci/omnisci-jupyterhub            "/docker-entrypoint.…"   About an hour ago   Up 22 minutes      8000/tcp    jupyterhub

then connect to the newly created container (in our case, jupyterlab-admin)
sudo docker exec -it jupyterlab-admin /bin/bash

and then run
root@de713f861448:/opt/conda# pip install jupyterlab_omnisci

Anyway, I noticed other problems in this new version of jupyterlab that has to be fixed, and some examples are outdated.
For example, the calls ibis.mapd.connect have to be changed into ibis.omniscidb.connect.

I’m sorry for those problems, and we will try to fix them asap.


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Hi @TerryLines ,

As @candido.dessanti said, the omnisci_examples included in the image are out of date.

This will work with the v0.4 jupyter image:

There are more examples at https://github.com/Quansight/omnisci-examples/tree/master/notebooks

Please let us know if you have trouble with these.


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