Link dashboard to website using iframe

I am trying to link IMMERSE to a tab on my website. I will like to see my website menus while on the immerse dashboard. Hence, I iframed the link to the dashboard. The issue is that my enterprise user credentials don’t work after I iframed. When I try to log in, I get the error message: Unexpected token E in JSON at position 0.
Without iframe, the credentials work fine. Any away around this?

Hi @ridsidash :wave:

The Immerse web server can be configured for cross-origin authentication, as is likely the case for your iframe, by adding the [web] configuration parameter allow-any-origin = true to your omnisci.conf file (or the command line flag --allow-any-origin=true if required for your configuration).

Example addendum to omnisci.conf:


allow-any-origin = true

If you are unable to authenticate after that configuration change, there may be an issue with your browser’s security settings. Authentication via an iframe that is hosted on a different domain requires the end-user’s browser to allow third-party cookies. Currently, Safari and Firefox disallow third-party cookies by default unless a user enables that feature manually.

If the third-party cookie issue is a problem for your use-case, I recommend contacting our enterprise support for recommendations about your networking configuration.

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