MapD Charting Line Chart

Is it possible to make a line chart where you filter a range vertically instead of horizontally?

Do you mean filtering the results values (adding an having checking a range in sql)? I don’t think it’s possible

Sorry, let me re clarify this. You are able to select a horizontal range when doing a line chart normally, as seen below.

However, for aesthetic reasons I would like the range that you can select to be vertical. Is something like that possible?

Hi @Dominic,

Are you asking for a vertical Line Chart, so you are asking to switch the axes?

Yes, I would like to switch the axis, but I want the selection of a range of the line chart to also be flipped so that it is also vertical. Is something like that possible?

Hi @dominic, it’s unfortunately not possible with that chart, although with some work the feature could likely be added to the mapd-charting library (since it’s based on dc.js, you might see if it’s been requested in that repo).

We’re currently porting our Immerse charts to Vega.js, which provides an easy-to-use declarative API to build charts on, and generally allows for faster chart development. There are a number of examples in their gallery which point towards what you want, including this scatterplot example that allows for freeform rectangular brushing. For easier interop with OmniSci, you might also want to take a look at this extension, which allows you to wrap SQL with Vega visualization calls.

I was taking a look at that. I would really like to use the immerse charts but as far as I could tell these are not available with the open source version. Is this changing, or is it still the case?