Method for having 1 filter across files with same column names

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Looking forward to hear methods for this problem- Is there a way in OmniSci to use one filter across files if the column names are the same, instead of using multiple filters?

I’ve multiple files that I layer on the map in the dashboard and use certain target filters in each file to arrive at the view I need in the dashboard. As there are multiple files for target filters, the current method is to select each file and apply target filters even if the column names are same across these files.

Is there a way to have one filter that runs through all of these files (when column names are same)?

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I am not sure I understand your question, but to me look, you have loaded several tables with different data, but they have in common some fields (same name, same data) and you want that filtering a field on a table, all the other tables will be filtered.

I don’t think that now is possible, because but this feature is on the road-map and it wouldn’t be too late.

how many tables are you using in the dashboard?

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Hi Candido,

Thanks for your quick response on this.

To answer your question, we’ve 2 tables (measures) that are common with few ~ 4 to 5 data sets. And here, I was looking to use 1 filter for these 2 tables that becomes applicable to all the data sets that’s used in a dashboard, instead of creating 2 filters for each data set.

Also, Thanks for confirming this feature is on the road-map.

Anyway, have you tried to use a parameter
, applying the parameter to both filters?

Here are the docs about parameters

Scarica Outlook per Android

Thanks, it worked using parameters!

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Hi @Shyam,

I’m happy about that.

I will reach you back when the cross-filtering across tables will be implemented in Immerse; probably you will find the aforementioned solution, more usable than using parameters.