OmniSci is now HEAVY.AI


As of March 1st, 2022 we have rebranded our company from OmniSci to HEAVY.AI. We are extremely excited about this news as it represents how our company has and continues to evolve. The HEAVY.AI name best represents our expansive vision for the company, product, and the value we offer our customers and users. We remain dedicated to helping organizations make the most complex and high-impact decisions, quickly and at scale. Simply, we help our customers lift their heaviest datasets and address their heaviest analytic challenges.

To learn more check out this press release!

Hi @Antonio_Cotroneo,

good to hear the growth and New branding.

Please let me know what is company stand for community version ?



Thank you for the kind words. HEAVY.AI will continue to offer a free forever version called HEAVY.AI FREE. Product Downloads | HEAVY.AI

Let me know if you have any additional questions and thanks again for being part of the community.



the CE has been superseded by Free and OS Edition.

so you can choos between those two. depending if you just the database with a single node limit or the entire platform with memory limits

i am using the below URL for installation

so this will continue to be available ? DB Core without Immerse

Hi, Antonio,

The free server download mentions up to 3 active users. Can you describe where this limitation applies? For example are there limitations on pymapd connections?


Hi @Ray1,

The limitation is for 3 sessions; idle or active isn’t important, and this apply to any api youbare using to connect with the database.