OmniSciDB access issue after server restart

We are running a community edition of OmniSciDB on AWS for testing purpose. After stopping and running the server, OmniSciDB is not getting started.


Hi @Ranjan653,

The fastest way to get why the server isn’t starting is to run the data se from command line with the use that’s used to run the database.

So typing
/opt/omnisci/bin/omnisci_server - - config /var/lib/omnisci/omnisci.conf

Would show the error that’s preventing the server to start

You can also check the log files located into /var/lib/data/mapd_logs

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Hi @candido.dessanti,
Thanks for the quick reply, after executing the command I’m getting below message and I don’t see omnisci_server.INFO.20200813-195408.log file in the log folder (/var/lib/omnisci/data/mapd_log/).

$ /opt/omnisci/bin/omnisci_server --config /var/lib/omnisci/omnisci.conf

terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘boost::wrapexceptboost::filesystem::filesystem_error
what(): Failed to open file for writing: Input/output error: “/var/lib/omnisci/data/mapd_log/omnisci_server.INFO.20200813-195408.log”

Got the exact issue. It was due to 100% disk space usage.


I am happy you solved the issue so quickly