OmniSciDB supports ISO 8601 format for timestamps


Just wanted to check if OmniSciDB supports ISO 8601 format for timestamps or is there a different standard they follow.


Hi @dipanwita2019,

Ypu can ingest timestamps using various formats, that resembles the formats used in iso 8601, while not completely.

You can read the format supported here

Thanks ! Looking at the document, I suppose it means that timezone encodings such as “2020-11-03T11:05:38**+08:00**” are not supported then. Correct ?

Hi @neuralvis,

Welcome to the forum, and thanks for your question,

You can specify the timezone difference while inserting a timestamp, but it will be converted as a UTC date before to be stored.

as an example

omnisql> insert into test_timestamp values('2012-01-02T22:10:10+02:00','2012-01-02T22:10:10+03:00.123','2012-01-02T22:10:10+04:00.123456','2012-01-02T22:10:10+05:00.123456789');
omnisql> select * from test_timestamp;
2012-01-02 20:10:10|2012-01-02 19:10:10.123|2012-01-02 18:10:10.123456|2012-01-02 17:10:10.123456789

as you can see the Timestamps are stored in UTC format according to the TZ difference specified.

Other features like negative dates, formats without hyphens, and colons don’t work