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Yes the open-source edition of our database, can run on multiple GPUs if they are installed on a single system.

The only limitation is that you can’t run it on a cluster, because the high availability and parallel features are for the enterprise edition only.

To be sure to use all GPUs in your system, you can adjust the fragment size or create the table with several shards that match the number of your GPUs.

You can get all the info in the docs here

If you can share your use case we will be able to help you in a better way.


To get the enterprise edition you can ask a temporary license filling a simple fork in the link below

With EE you will get access to Immerse and additional features not available in the OS like advanced authentication, clustering.

Thank you. This is very useful to me. I’ve been looking for this answer for days!

Thank you for your answer, but I can only see the download of PDF document after entering according to the link you provided


The link I provided is needed to ask for a temporary enterprise license.

To get directions about installation, like links to download binaries, prerequisites, and so on, you can go here

You have just to select your preferred operative system or cloud provider and edition to install;

As an example, if you want to install the EE on-premise on a centOS machine with GPUs you can follow this link to get all the guidance

After the installation, you will need a license to activate the software.


Thank you for your reply. How can I get a license instead of a temporary one


To get a different license then the 30 day trial, you can ask with the link I provided, you have to contact the sales department, to arrange an agreement.

You should write an email to

Please report back if you are having trouble in the process.