Origin destination Mapping

Can I make origin-destination visualization in OmniSci? Preferably, 3 D lines from origin points to Destination points? Thanks!


sorry for the late reply, dut I really didn’t see this message before.

What do you mean? curved lines like that?

We have support for linestrings, but we haven’t a built-in function that uses two points to generate a curved linestring nor a straight linestring.

Thanks @candido.dessanti . yes, I meant curved lines like this.


Unlucky, right now, we don’t have a function to create a linestring on the fly, so the only option to do that is to precalculate the linestrings outside the database, at least with the 5.10 release.

An easy way to precalculate would be to use PostGIS. The final result using our flights’ dataset is like that.

I will post directions on how to pre-compute those geometries ASAP.


As a really weird coincidence…I helped write one of these and open sourced it awhile back. But it was before I discovered OmniSci so written in Django with postGIS:

So if you’re up for some installations, the stack required would be postGIS + Django → Heavy (via HeavyConnect). A fair bit of work for nice curved lines I’m afraid. Otherwise, if you’ve got some Python skills, you could extract our logic for generating and then export directly into Heavy with our python library.

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