Pentaho data integration aka kettle


Has anyone had any success using Pentaho Data Integration (aka Kettle) with an omnisci database ??
It is a java-based ETL tool- I’ve used it with other databases by loading in the relevant JDBC driver (jar)
But I just get error messages that the driver is not loaded

DBeaver seems to use the JDBC drivers- and it works fine with omnisci. I’m guessing the problem with Pentaho might be to do with the JRE version


HI @andrewh,

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I tried to use our JDBC driver, using multiple versions, and some other from other vendors as generic database, and I am getting the same error, so I think we shoud try to open an issue to the vendors of Kettle.

I use these drivers wihtout issues, with tableau and microstrategy.

I tried to run spoon in debug mode without getting any additional clue, and I don’t think the java 8 is causing the issue.
Anyway I will try to dig the problem in the w.e.