Raster capabilities in V6.0

Where can I find examples/demo/documentation of raster capabilities of V6.0?


There are a brief doc about importing raster files in the copy command’s docs.

The imported result should be used in point or heatmaps as showed in this post

Right now we havent any public demo, but if you need to know something in particular I can ask intrrnally and maybe aetup a demo

@Antonio_Cotroneo and I did talk about this and show in the 6.0 release webinar if that helps.

A couple of pointers as well - the default is columnar points because the direct points method can be about 4x slower. This depends on ultimate use and is a bit of a tradeoff of exactly when you pay a speed penalty. Sometimes it makes sense to pay it once up front. But I find myself frequently staging raster import with raw first, then a column name cleanup and geoenrichment with a CTAS second. For example, import a DEM as columnar points, then join that with political boundaries.

One current power-user feature to keep in mind is that you can directly grab individual raster files from remote cloud stores, including http(s) links and s3. That can be very convenient in avoiding download then import. However, at 6.0, we support unzipping and globbing only on ‘local’ or ‘server’ files. So if your remote rasters happen to be zipped, or there are 500 of them, then you will want to download first.

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