Re-wiring Immerse to another OmniSciDB


I’m running OmniSci EE and Immerse on AWS with the official AMI. Is it possible to re-wire Immerse so that it can use data from another OmniSciDB (not on the same AMI)? The omnisci.conf and servers.json seem to suggest so, but I can’t get it to work; I get a net::ERR_FAILED (i can connect, however, with omnisql).
Should it work if I change the settings in servers.json to the one of the OmniSciDB, and set allow-any-origin = true in omnisci.conf?

Thanks for any pointers.

Hi @jmboehm,

You shouldn’t face any particular problem to run immerse on a different server of the omnisci database.

We have the webserver on a machine called and the database on a device called (using different domains).

start the webserver changing the .-b (-backend-URL) parameter set with the URL of the database

bin/omnisci_web_server -b

then open your browser and type the URL to the webserver


if you want to use omnisci.conf, in the web section, you have to point to the remote server


then start your service.

The only limitation is that you have to use an Enterprise Edition database as Back-end, because Immerse is a EE feature, so it’s likely a check is performed


Thank you-- that was exactly the issue. Too bad.


maybe in a day, we will get a new CE with Immerse embedded, to play with.

Anyway, OS hasn’t BE rendering code, so probably you would be incurred on issues, mixing the two editions.

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