Resizable BAR Support

Hi Team,

Now that motherboard manufacturers are starting to roll out BIOS with Resizable BAR Support and Nvidia to follow soon (GeForce RTX 30 Series Performance To Accelerate With Resizable BAR Support), I was wondering:

1- Will Omnisci Db benefit instantly from the implementation (e.g. first load performance boost)?
2- If work is required on your side, do you plan on supporting it in a not too distant future?


Hi @Laurent,

We at Omnisci are on-drug for performance, you know, but in this case, it’s unlikely we will support this feature soon because the vast majority of hardware where our database will run on, it’s unlikely to support this feature.

Anyway, we are actively working on improving the performance of transfers time between the various layers (disk->memory->gpu), but we have to do that in a way that’s not going to compromise the stability of our database :wink:

Thanks for your suggestion. I appreciate a lot your passionate suggestions.

Candido :wink:

Hi Candido,

Thanks for your reply, glad to see you keep pushing limits on transfer times nevertheless.

I couldn’t find any particular reference to resizable BAR for HPC servers but understand the caution with keeping stability on. Tech being tech, the feature might just make its way through the stack before we know it as the A6000 seems to be already supporting the feature (NVIDIA RTX A6000 professional graphics card already supports Resizable BAR -


Hi Laurent,

Nvidia is indeed widening the support for this feature, but it’s just not up to Nvidia only; it’s also needed the support for the motherboard and Cpu suppliers too; a lot of customers and users are using VM in the cloud, where the support for this feature is uncertain.

Pushing on such a feature right now isn’t so much useful, while working on overlapping executions with memory transfers and parallelizing memory transfers (without the use of BAR) is going to work for almost all architectures.