Satellite view in Heavy.AI vs Google Maps

Hi Team,

While loading shapes on Heavy.AI in Satellite view, we saw the shapes are outdated while comparing to Google map’s satellite version view.

Just wanted to ask the reason of change in Satellite view in Heavy.AI vs Google map?

Hi @Shyam,

The satellite view of our maps is the one that comes from MapBox that AFAIK doesn’t use Google Satellite as the source for the background layers.

If needed, you can add custom base map styles on Heavy Immerse to use other sources for the layers; you can find some helpful information in this documentation section.

While technically it’s trivial to add Google Satellite, I’m not sure if using Google Imagery with Mapbox API is legal and if it doesn’t break any agreement with Mapbox and us.

Here the result of customization

I’ll collect some info about that before sharing the server.json file.