Sharing OmniSci dashboard

Hi, How can I share my OmniSci dashboards with clients by disabling the “SQL Editor” and “Import Data” as done in your OmniSci Demo Dashboard. We would like the clients to play with dashboard but not change our OmniSci database.



The user interface elements in OmniSci Immerse correspond with the privileges granted to the user. If you’d like a user to only be able to see a particular view, I might suggest creating a role for this user with only the minimum required privileges to load a specific dashboard and select only from the specific table or tables used by the dashboard. Here’s an example:

CREATE role limitedViewers;
GRANT ACCESS on DATABASE omnisci to limitedViewers;
GRANT SELECT ON TABLE tableUsedByMyDashboard to limitedViewers;
GRANT VIEW ON DASHBOARD 1 to limitedViewers; 
GRANT limitedViewers to someUsername;

The above would create a role limitedViewers, and grant to this role the ability to login to the database, the ability to view a specific dashboard, and the ability to select from the table used by the dashboard. In the final line, I grant this role to my intended user.

Further reading on this topic:
Roles and Privileges - HEAVY.AI Docs
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Have a great day! Let us know if you encounter any other questions.

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To add to what @Neill already said; there is a privilege called VIEW SQL EDITOR that can be revoked to users, and this would hide the SQL Editor from the users.

Revoking or not giving the CREATE TABLE privilege would turn off the IMPORT DATA button.


Thank you @Neill and @candido.dessanti . This works great! A follow up question:

GRANT VIEW ON DASHBOARD 1 to limitedViewers;

Does the Dashboard name has to be in integer for this SQL command?


The privilege on a dashbaord Is granted or revoked specifying the dashbaord_id not the name, so the 1 in the previous example was an id.

Here the link to the dashboard’s privileges and the details about the syntax.

Thanks @candido.dessanti ! How do I find the ID of my dashboard?


as stated in the docs you need to use the \dash command of omnisql CLI command

I don’t think we actually have a SQL command to show such data

Thanks @candido.dessanti ! This worked. Could I revoke the privilege to “download CSV” from Charts in any way?

activating the feature flag ui/restricted_viewing in the servers.json file

the users without the grant to edit a dashboard, so the ones that are basically read-only, won’t be able to download data anymore.

We have requests for a more specific parameter, but it’s not prioritized right now