Small foot print for Small hardware

I have rock64 With
Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic minimal 64bit (arm64) Image installed
The problem is the Hardware is not listed and the ones that are listed are very overkill
SO if I go to and install the Tarball for Linux Will it work?

If NOT does OMNI Sci have any plans to accommodate small footprint for lean data feed in real time

Thanks for stopping by @ExchangeEffect!

Internally, I know some engineers have fooled around with building OmniSciDB with ARM support, but it’s not something that is part of the tarball link that you highlighted.

In terms of whether we’ll support small footprint hardware in the future, it’s certainly a possibility, but it’s not really the use case we’ve been targeting. What data volumes would you be interested in processing? Are you thinking more about an IoT use case?

MIOT to be precise My project is around Time series to reduce Niose and extract data from distributed Environment YOU guys are targeting Centralized Client Server model, I notice.
How valuable is omnisci platform when it comes to Time-series graphs ?

I need to pick up raw data from the small footprint hardware running lightweight app AND without to pushing it to the cloud make it available for local wireless transfer on Demand

I hope this helps

Admittedly, MIOT is beyond my area of expertise, but you are generally correct. We’re targeting a centralized access model, where people want to analyze really large volumes of data interactively. I’m not sure that OmniSciDB would really show its value on edge devices.

In the end, we don’t target time-series specifically. Which is to say, without the user creating their own functions, we don’t provide any specific functionality for working with time-series other than standard math functions.

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