Time stepper control?

Does Immerse have a time slider control that can be applied to a time-based column, which would allow someone to animate a data set over time for the various visuals? My particular use case is in a pointmap (and linemap) but I can imagine utility in many time data analyses.

I do not see one, but I’m pretty new to OmniSci (and pretty impressed).

Implementation-wise, I could see this as a “time filter” which would enable a slider over a column, with “forward, reverse, play, pause, single step” sort of controls. Seems maybe an extension of the auto-refresh capabilities.

Hi @schnee,

Welcome to our community forum, and thanks for the kind words you got for Immerse.

We had in the past (the very first version of immerse) something like that but for performance’s reasons have been removed; as you probably know we haven’t a result cache, so each time a new frame of animation needed, all queries of the dashboard needed to run; this behavior on a loop scenario could cause a stall (or at least a severe slowdown) on the entire system.

Anyway using the new features of immerse and tuning the refresh times we are thinking about re.introduce that feature ;I tried to do something using parameters, but I haven’t nothing really usable to suggest.

I will catch you up as soon I will set up something usable; in the meantime, I hope you will continue to enjoy our platform, and continue to give us those suggestions to enhance our product