Ubuntu Free Edition Map Charts Missing

I have deployed Ubuntu edition following this tutorial Ubuntu Enterprise/Free Editions CPU with Tarball - OmniSci Docs but I can not find the map charts. Am I missing something? Here is the screenshot.

Thanks in advance.

@mobilizanalytics thank you for downloading OmniSci and joining the community. It appears you have deployed a CPU build of OmniSci. This version has all of the functionality of OmniSci except for backend rendering which delivers the point, line, and geo heatmap charts. If you require each of the other map charts in the short term (and have access to the hardware) they are all available in the GPU builds.

Hi @mobilizanalytics,

As @Antonio_Cotroneo already stated, you cannot use point/line/heat maps using CPU edition because all of them are drawn into the server by a GPU.

Also, the Choropleth map you are seeing is an old version, so the rendering will be in the browser and usable with a relatively low number of polygons, while the GPU version can draw hundreds of thousands in milliseconds, so it’s strongly suggested to run a GPU instance, but if you want to use this kind of map, you can add you maps following this briefly guide Maps on the Mac - #4 by candido.dessanti

Thank you. I’ll try the GPU build.