Unable to connect to the default database

Preformatted textHello, I am using the AWS AMI OmniSciDB (Open Source). I have followed all the steps, in the guide - https://docs.omnisci.com/latest/4_get_started_aws_ami.html, except for the “using omnisci immerse” and “Importing your own dat” (because I don’t really want to use immerse right now).

When I execute OMNISCI_PATH/bin/omnisql and use the default password “HyperInteractive”. I get error saying - “Invalid credentials. Not connected to any database. See \h for help”. The same thing happens when I try to load the sample data.

I am wondering why I am not able to connect to the default database. Any help is appreciated.

Hi @kris_99, it’s a bit buried in the Marketplace usage instructions: “Log in with the username mapd and password your instance-id”.

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Thanks @jpharvey, the credentials are now correct. But, now I get database does not exist -

[centos@ip-172-31-53-54 omnisci]$ $OMNISCI_PATH/bin/omnisql -u mapd -p instaceID

Database omnisci does not exist.

Not connected to any database. See \h for help.

Am I missing some part of the documentation? Also when I try to load data using -sudo ./insert_sample_data I still get -

adding schema
Invalid credentials.
Not connected to any OmniSci databases.

I see that the default database is mapd and not omnisci. But in almost all the docs it seems to imply it is omnisci!

Great you got it sorted out @kris_99, I’ll let the team who build the image know about the database and we’ll either get the documentation or the database name updated.

Hi @kris_99,

the deafult databse is omnisci since serveral releases, but the default admin user is still called mapd